Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy clearly states what data we collect from you, why we collect from you and where and how we use the data collected from you.

This policy will help you with the ability to take informed decisions of what you want to share with us.

Therefore, with this Privacy Policy, we would like to put forth a transparent and self-contained draft about (i) how, why, and from where we collect your data and how we use and store your data in the various capacities in which you interact with us. (ii) rights we authorize you and the rights that you have to determine in the representation of this document.

Although we would strongly advise you to read the document in full, the below-expressed points shall you to understand the salient points covered within.

a) This policy outlines the condemnatory aspects that govern the personal information stored with WEBLOG DIGI and that operated by KAY N KAY DIGI CORP PVT LTD, a registered company in accordance with the laws of India, headquartered at #506 Sri Rama Residency White field Road, Gachibowli Kondapur , Hyderabad – 500081, Telangana, India.

b) The personal data collected from you and its relationship vary the way you interact with us and the product/solution/service of Weblog Digi. You could be a
⦁ “Visitor” to (website) or any other page of
⦁ “Customer” a person or an entity availing (KAY N KAY DIGI CORP PVT LTD)  products/solutions and or services.
⦁ “User” a person, an employee, representative or an appointee, who use the service availed by the customer.

c) Based on the terminology (Visitor, Customer or User) the type of data we collect and purpose of it differs which is clearly explained in this document

d) This Privacy Policy is an integrated part of Terms of Service

e) This Privacy Policy details the rights authorized to you and also about the personal data shared with us. We are open to resolve your queries and for further assistance with respective to the Privacy Policy, contact our Grievance officer (refer section 12). If you don’t agree with our regulations or this policy, then kindly do not visit our website or do not avail KAY N KAY DIGI CORP PVT LTD products/solutions/services or collective products or mobile application.
What information we collect from you and how we use it:
Based on the user type like Visitor, customer and user, the information we collect will change.

⦁ IP address
⦁ Location
⦁ The web pages you visit, page you land on and the time you spend on each page or on the website.
⦁ The device and the OS used to browse our website
⦁ Cookies and Web hooks
⦁ Third party site data who are authorized lawfully to share your data
⦁ While submitting an enquiry, we will/might ask your name, email ID and phone number.

⦁ Representative’s name, email ID and mobile number, who associates with  KAY N KAY DIGI CORP PVT LTD on your behalf or entity.
⦁ Credit/debit or other mode of transactional information to understand and to validate your financial status and detect fraudulent activities to facilitate for a smooth payment process.

⦁ Your IP Address
⦁ Your Name
⦁ Your Email ID
⦁ Your location until and unless you deactivate the location tracking system in the relevant mobile app
⦁ Your behavior respective to Weblog digi (KAY N KAY DIGI CORP PVT LTD) products or use of features
⦁ The device and the operating system used to access the website/App
⦁ Cookies and Web beacons
⦁ Third party site data who are authorized lawfully to share your data
⦁ We will track SMS, Email, phone calls and record your call activities with customers that you have opted with us as required by your entity.
⦁ If you have not opted for SMS, Voice call and Email then we will not collect the information pertaining to it.

How and Why we use it:
⦁ We will use the data collected from you to analyze your behavior on the website and to enhance your experience.
⦁ If you agree and give us consent, we will take it as authorized and send you newsletters/emails, Weblog digi (KAY N KAY DIGI CORP PVT LTD)  advertisements and remarket our services using third party services like facebook, twitter etc.

⦁ With the collected data, we will help you to register for our service/solutions offered and facilitate free trial of our service for only about three days. Using it we can enable you make payments for the service/solutions. We adhere to third party service providers for payment processing on our behalf. The third party service provider is not authorized to store or retain or use the data you provide.
⦁ With your consent we will use your data for cross selling other services/solutions we offer.

⦁ We will use the data you provide to us to facilitate or provision the use of our services/solutions.
⦁ We will send you SMS, Email or even call you to update the changes of our solutions, services or policies, or Agreements we bind to. In the event of enhancing your experience or upon reporting an issue, we may take a remote session or virtually assist you by sharing or taking control of the screen. At times we might video record the screen in order to understand the issue clearly and to provide swift resolutions.
⦁ Upon your consent, we will use your data to send you emails/newsletters and to cross-sell our other products/services/solutions we offer.
⦁ We also conduct surveys and analyze user behavior to determine the working efficiency of features and to see how well it is being used by the users.

Cookies and Web Beacons:
What they do?

Cookies: Cookies are text files that our web server will pass on to your browser and that gets downloaded to your device when you visit our website. We use cookies as it is highly helpful for us to recognize you when you leave our website. Again this depends upon you whether you want to get tracked or not. Your browser provisions you to disable them at any point in time. If would like to know more information about cookies, feel free to browse at

Beacon: It is a tiny image like file embedded on our Website or Application which will track your behavior. It is also known as clear GIF, Web bug or a Pixel tag. It is similar to that of cookies in function but it does not get downloaded in your device. If would like to know more information about cookies, feel free to browse at

What they won’t do?
⦁ Carry any malicious software, virus or code
⦁ Process any personally identifiable information.

⦁ We are entitled to use the anonymize and aggregated information collected from you anywhere freely without any restrictions other than those put forth in the applicable law.
⦁ In any cases where we are unable to use your data to render the service, we would take your consent for the same and you are authorized to withdraw your consent at any point in time.
Your rights and preferences as a data subject in the EU:
According to the Indian law, the following rights are applicable to you:

Rights to be informed:
You are authorized to be informed of the way your personal data is collected or being used, for which Weblog Digi (KAY N KAY DIGI CORP PVT LTD)  use this policy to convey.

Right of access:
You are authorized to access your personal provi8ded to us by requesting us the same.

Right to Rectification:
You are authorized to suggest and correct us to update your data in case if it is inaccurate or incomplete

Right to data portability:
You are authorized your personal data with us in electronic data which you can use it to claim third party services/solutions.

Right to erasure:
You are authorized to raise a requisition to delete your personal information from our database.

Right to Object:
You are authorized to object the way we process your personal data at any point in time under any circumstances, also respective to using your data for direct marketing.

Right not to be subject to automated decision-making:
You are authorized not be subject to a decision based solely on automated decision-making, including profiling.
If you want to know more in detail, you can contact our Grievance Officer, details are set-forth in section 12

The information provided by you or collected by us when you visit our website as a visitor or as a customer or user to avail our services, we will use the data to provide the services at your request. The personal data provided by you, where we are unable to use to provide the service, we will seek your consent for using the same. You are authorized to withdraw your consent at any point in time. Additionally, we may process or use your data to serve your legitimate interests.

If you believe that we have used your personal data in violation as stated above or do not respond to your obligations and objections, then you are authorized to raise a complaint with the local authority

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