Terms & Conditions

Retention of Personal Information:

According to the Indian law, the following rights are applicable to you:

The data collected from you will be secured by us until the period it is necessary in order to offer you the service you require or to facilitate smooth working of our services to you and that includes attending disputes, attending to technical issues and superior customer service without any limitations.

At times to comply with enforceable laws, legal obligations and to resolve disputes we may force to retain your data after you request to delete the information.
If you are a Customer, make sure that you inform your leads of how you collect, why you collect and how you will use the information to render the service we provide. Put forth the information clearly that, you will use the information in compliance with applicable laws including the GDPR. After you terminate your usage of a Service, we may, unless legally prohibited, delete all data provided or collected by you (including Lead information) from our servers.

Tracking by our advertisement partners:

Upon your consent, we may use your data respective from cookies and web beacons to track your web visits and target you to present our solutions and or services we offer.

Tools used by our customers:

If you are our customer, you are authorized to use third party applications or technologies as needed by you on your website or application. If it so, it is your sole obligation to notify your leads the information you collect, store and use by using such technologies to which you are bound.

Compliance with Children’s online privacy protection act:

As an entity and business service provider, we neither offer or target solutions/service knowingly to children below 16 years of age and nor we collect the information.

Transfer of Information:

In order to facilitate smooth operations globally, we may process or transfer the data we collected to the associated companies we operate in accordance with this policy globally. But the authorizations and the rights provided to you will never be changed at any point in time by this data transfer.

However, in the course of time, we may employ or enhance our operations with the increase of branches or companies in association with us in providing services/solutions in compliance with this Privacy Policy. In such case, we may share your data in concern.

Further, the entities with the effected transfers then we shall enter in to appropriate Data Protection Addendums in compliance with the law with other party that can protect your data. Also, we will make sure to implant industry-standard technical and organizational measures to ensure that such transfers are completed in accordance with applicable laws.

For example: Below listed are the instances where we may sub contract processing activities – data analysis, marketing assistance, processing credit card payments, and providing customer service.

Third Party Links:
On account of advertisement or to increase our revenue, we may link third party links on our website or application to provide you with relevant content but we are nowhere involved in your decision if you choose to access them or get associated them. We advise you to read the polices and features of third parties thoroughly before making a decision as this policy will not bound to their information or polices.

Compelled Disclosure:
In addition to the conditions put-forth by this policy, as required we may disclose your data collected or processed by us accordingly.
In compliance with law or to respond in accordance to legal actions like search warrant, court order, etc.

For your safety or for the safety of others or with respective to national security or in the context of law enforcement, criminal investigation or to prevent death or bodily harm etc.

To track or investigate a malicious activity or Acceptable Use Policy violation
To carry legal proceedings that arise against Weblog digi (KAY N KAY DIGI CORP PVT LTD), its employees, officers, affiliates, customers or vendors etc.
To establish, to portrait, to defend and to enforce our legal authorizations

Security of Personal Information:
We incorporated industry standard and innovative technological aspects to protect and safeguard your personal data using varied security measures and technologies from unauthorized and fraudulent activities, loss or destruction or disclosure etc.

When you disclose your sensitive information like the credit or debit card details or geo location towards our solutions and or services, the information is encrypted using advanced and innovative cryptographic techniques that includes but does not limit SSL, TLS, RSA, and AES.

Once you associated with us, your password is the first level of defense and it forms the primary mode of authorization technique, hence we advise you to set a strong password and not to share with anyone and make sure that you always logout of your Weblog Digi account once after using it.

Privacy Shield Notice:

We, KAY N KAY DIGI CORP PVT LTD. comply with Indian judiciary law as set forth by the Indian Department of Commerce and KAY N KAY DIGI CORP PVT LTD being certified and adheres to the Privacy Shield Principles of the same. To learn more in detail respective to the Privacy Shield program and to view our certification, please visit weblogdigi.com

Dispute resolution:
If you have a query or dispute unresolved by us satisfactorily, please contact our dispute resolution provider at contact@weblogdigi.com

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